fredag 18 december 2009

Jeffrey Brown listar sina fem seriefavoriter

Nästa serietecknare som delar med sig av sina favoritserier är Jeffrey Brown, som tidigare i år gav ut sin kultförklarade serieroman "Clumsy" på svenska (då med namnet "Fumlig") här på Galago. Håll till godo:

"Here's my top five. Thanks!


1. Jimmy Corrigan by Chris Ware - Rewards multiple readings with continued brilliance, simply beautiful, moving and expansive.

2. Louis Riel by Chester Brown - An entertaining historical novel that's so well drawn and paced you forget you're reading.

3. Eightball #23 by Dan Clowes - Reads like a novel five times as long, some of Clowes' darkest humor and keeps you thinking long after you finish.

4. Black Hole by Charles Burns - Perhaps the best example of a graphic novel as "novel", dense and haunting magic realism.

5. Three Paradoxes by Paul Hornschemeier - Mixing styles and twisting threads of thought for an engaging look at the creative process in the context of living, but lets the reader find the meanings. Full of great thoughtful moments and plenty of humor."

Fler topp-femlistor kommer inom kort.

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